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…Because every picture tells a story

-Amrita Delhi
Excellent service.

I had Attended a wedding last week and was so amazed by the beauty of the place. Everything including interior, exterior, even the neighborhood was captivating. Services were great and the food was very utterly delicious, especially the Kadhai Paneer which was finger licking good.

-Nitin Delhi

I am very impressed with the astonishing place. Attended a wedding here last Saturday and what a formidable experience it was! The food is excellent and the staff is friendly! Everything was on point and as guests we had what we needed. In addition everyone on the team was giving special attention to each guest. I will highly recommend this venue for other weddings too.

-Seema Delhi

It was a privilege hosting my daughter-in-law's baby shower over here. We had lots of fun and food was heavenly amazing. I would like to thank your generous and friendly staff for special attention and care.